by Bubble Cats

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released November 18, 2015

All songs written by Bubble Cats
Lyrics by Tyler Riggs
Lyrics on "Daywalker" by Tyler Riggs and John Barrios
Bubble Cats is Tyler Riggs, Joel Bocek,Tom Trotter, & Jordon Bocek
Recorded by Jared Brannon & David Lloyd at Dark Odyssey Studios
Portland, OR 2015



all rights reserved


Bubble Cats Portland, Oregon

Bubble Cats is a post-punk rock band from Portland, Oregon. Tyler Riggs: guitar and vocals, Joel Bocek: guitar, Jordon Bocek: bass, Tom Trotter: drums.


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Track Name: Krown Jewels
You keep your eyes close to the prize & nobody dies
You keep your arms in the sky
The Crown Jewels are fake
Usurp the government
What Mr. Blood would say
Crown Jewels are fake
I’m slipping through in a disguise nobody try
I’ve got my eye on the prize
So drink
You're gonna toast
Tear it all down
Jusy to build it back once more
Track Name: Blood Bounce
Packed up in the car
Cross country to make a new start
The cry baby from the shore
Fitting in been such a chore

High school, high school confess
Golden boys all race for the best
You see a girl, you keep it on the fly
Now youre fucking with the Cobra Kai

You train the body, you train the mind
You never know when you’ll get in a fight
You’re hanging out, at the beach
Ghetto blasting seems out of reach

Johnny wants his dad’s respect
Golden boy, one of the best
Danny took that girl away
Johnny son you better sweep the leg

Now he’s standing up on one foot
Like some kind of drunken bird
Too blind, he can’t see
It’s telegraphing straight to me
Track Name: Unicorn
Oh Santa listen closely to what I say
I understand your anger your sense of danger
They say you got a list you check it twice
What about K Street?
All the kids up on Wall Street?

I’ve got a deal I would like to make with you
Let’s kill all these people, let’s show what you can do

They that pride was your greatest flaw
How you feel from heaven, it’s well documented
I know you’ve got a list and you check it twice
I’ve got some names I’d like to see in flames

When you’re home, when you’re home
It’s blood and guts and gore and pain
When you’re done, when you’re done
It will never be the same
When you’re home, when you’re home
Track Name: Daywalker
When you go out in the daytime lights are up in the neighborhood
My shades are pulled tight against the sunshine a peeping tom from the inside out
She is walking in the daylight
I can’t go out in the sunshine
Eyes like a cat I’m peeping through the cracks I notice her but she doesn’t me
Just off work and walking home I don’t wanna go out all alone
I’m allergic to the sun
Track Name: Jupiter
Jupiter, I know you’re still a king among the skies
Do you recall where stars they go off when they die?
Some implode, others fall across the sea
Reforming into something new entirely
I believe, I would like to see it’s something meaningful

The King of Moons all but quiet in the night
Detached his head forgot to breathe and now he’s laying dead
Darkness is the natural state of everything
When we’re here, sparks are flying everywhere
I believe I would like to see it’s something meaningful

Stardust fills this heart of mine, on and on through the end of time
Stuck here on the ground or with angels flying up all around